I always prefer to quote on a case-by-case basis, as projects can vary hugely depending on the amount of information that is already available, the extent of research necessary, the number of people I need to contact or interview, the length of copy required, and the number of revisions that clients require. 

For a new client I would begin by providing an estimate based on the time I expect the project to take, and an hourly rate for any additional work. Once we are accustomed to working together, we can agree a fee for similar work.

The fees below are indicative only - please contact me for a no-obligation quote.  



Case studies/project reports/press releases

One day will generally be sufficient to research and write a case study of up to 1000 words, using basic information supplied by the client and obtained through online research, and carrying out one phone interview with key contacts (eg project engineer). Includes two sets of amends.

Any extra work not initially briefed such as major rewrites or extra interviews will be charged pro rata. To draft a press release about the same project will take up to half a day extra.


Conference papers, article drafts, technical documents, bid documents, brochures etc

Estimates for proof-reading and editing can only be given on a case-by-case basis as the time required will vary depending on the length, format and content of the document, the quality of the writing, and the extent of the editing required. 


Company brochures, commemorative books, flyers, annual reports - all printed and digital publications

Full publishing consultancy services, from working with you to discuss your requirements, to developing the design, layout, content and printing specifications for your publications.